Allan Collier

Infinite Wealth Design
San Antonio, TX

Fred Allan Collier, best known as Allan, has been assisting retirees and pre-retirees in Huntsville, Houston, Sugar Land…and now, all over Texas since 1988. He has a passion for educating those in or nearing retirement about the strategies they must consider when it comes to their money. This has led Allan to host countless educational seminars like, “Money, a conversation about safety.”

Allan’s goal is helping his clients protect and preserve their assets, increase their retirement income and eliminate or reduce their fees. These goals, amongst many others, are what help Allan prepare his clients for the phase of life in which accumulation is no longer a top priority. He focuses on asset distribution which requires a very different set of rules than those that may have helped you grow your assets. Allan believes that no client should have to worry about the safety of their money during retirement. After all, retirement is about spending time with family, playing golf, going on cruises and simply enjoying the pleasures of not having to go to work every day. In short, enjoying one’s money.

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