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Dan Ahmad and Jim Files are best-selling authors with Larry King and have 50+ years of combined experience as lecturers, coaches, innovators, and financial professionals. Dan and Jim are Nationally recognized as two of the top Financial Advisors working exclusively with retirees. Dan and Jim create comprehensive written retirement income plans to ensure retirees avoid large losses and guarantee they won’t run out of money for as long as they live.

As Co-Founders of Peak Financial Freedom Group, Dan and Jim have presented to over 20,000 attorneys, accountants, financial professionals, and consumers, and received commendations from the California Attorney General’s Office, California State Department of Education, Association of California School Administrators, California Teachers’ Association, Faculty Association of California Community Colleges, 17 California State Universities, 66 California Community Colleges, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, and California Visiting Nurses Association.

Dan and Jim host the cutting edge “50 Shades of Money” radio show on the award winning KFBK News Radio 1530 AM, and also on KSTE 650 AM and KHTK 1140 AM. taking the “grey areas” out of money. They were promoted in 2015 in a powerful Forbes Magazine section titled “California’s Financial Leaders,” seen multiple times on ABC, NBC, FOX 40 TV, and created over 150 financial education videos.

Dan and Jim serve as one of four “Coaches and Mentors” for Financial Independence Group, one of the Nation’s leading financial service firms with over 7000 financial professionals, and received over 50 industry awards. They’ve written “Don’t Bet the Farm” providing answers to the most daunting questions retirees have about their money.

Dan has been a Certified Financial Planner™ since 1989, an Enrolled Agent with IRS from 1987-2016, is an Accredited Tax Advisor, Fellow of the Estate and Wealth Strategies Institute at Michigan State University, Investment Advisor Representative, member of the National Society of Accountants, and is life insurance licensed. Jim has tremendous business experience including taking his company public and running it as a public corporation for many years, serving on Executive Management Team for public companies, specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions, is an Investment Advisor Representative, and has his life insurance license.

Dan and Jim work daily with retirees to help them understand their money by creating comprehensive written retirement income plans to increase their income, guarantee they won’t run out of money for as long as they live, reduce their risk by avoiding all large stock market losses like 2008, minimize their taxes, reduce fees, earn competitive returns, and efficiently pass assets to beneficiaries.

Dan and Jim have been business partners and best friends for 18 years, both raised locally, work in Roseville, CA and both live in Granite Bay, CA. Dan has been married to his wife Elaine for 25 years, they have two daughters Lexi and Tori. Jim has been married to his wife Tami for 35 years, they have a daughter Kyley, a son Cody, a daughter-in-law Martine, and granddaughters Colette and Elise.

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