Leslie Davis


Born and raised in the Midwest, Leslie Davis was blessed to complete both high school and college early, receiving her degree from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO. As a young professional, Leslie started her journey in the financial planning world by joining an independent brokerage firm in downtown Kansas City. Her entry into the financial field was not what she had expected after leaving college. She realized very quickly that there was not much actual planning and strategy taking place around her when it came to building proper retirement plans. Thinking back to watching her own parents build their retirement over the years through their blood, sweat and tears, she understood that this was no way to approach helping individuals prepare for the final one-third of their lives.

Roughly two years into her career, Leslie decided that there had to be a better way to help build truly dependable plans that involved all the important pieces of the planning process, not just the “newest, coolest funds.” This led her in the direction of a new career option she had never dreamed possible, becoming an advisor for financial advisors.

As one of the youngest on staff, Leslie was asked to join a consulting firm in Leawood, Kansas that specialized in educating and helping independent advisors around the country build and expand their businesses. After a year of in-depth industry education and traveling the country, and meeting with the engineers that create the financial products, Leslie was welcomed as a senior consultant.

In that position, Leslie educated and built plans for over 500 financial professionals from coast to coast. This intense learning curve of planning and teaching difficult case design day-in and day-out to other advisors helped hyper-expose her to the trials and pitfalls of planning for retirement.

Just a few years into her consulting career, Leslie decided to take her knowledge and background to the next level by leaving consulting and starting her own planning company. This was the birth of True Peace Financial Solutions LLC located in Overland Park, Kansas. Leslie dreamed of creating an educational environment for clients to truly be able to understand their financial planning options in a comfortable atmosphere, helping pre-retirees and retirees alike build financial independence for the retirement of their dreams.

Over a decade into her career, Leslie has built a thriving family-centered practice, with a wonderful support staff. Leslie is the radio show host of multiple different radio shows in the Kansas City area, including KMBZ. She also teaches financial literacy workshops at many local Kansas City companies such as Black and Veatch, City of Olathe, South Law, and more. As an author and radio talent, Leslie loves to give back to the community through education. When Leslie is not working, she enjoys boating and taking in the beautiful Midwest sun with her family!


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