Louis Terrero


LOUIS R. TERRERO, CPA, Registered Investment Advisor, has been in the financial services industry since 1978, starting his career as an auditor for one of the “Big 8” CPA firms. He has experience in many areas ranging from compliance and auditing to annuities and investments, and most recently has obtained the Certification in Long-Term Care credential. This extensive knowledge has led Louis to teach accounting, economics and taxation courses as an adjunct professor at various colleges and universities in the New York City metropolitan area since 1991. Louis’s diverse background and passion for educating others help him serve his clients in ways that he takes much pride in.

Financial and investment planning are two areas in which Louis feels he can provide significant value to his clients. He has been working with individuals and businesses in New Jersey and New York for several years on various financial planning topics and strategies, including retirement planning, college funding, insurance planning and estate planning (in concert with elder care attorneys). He has always taken a “team of professionals” approach to serving his clients’ needs and will regularly include in his portfolio planning and management, agents and advisors whom he believes can add value to the process. Mr. Terrero believes that having access to a team of professionals who work in concert for the client’s needs and goals results in more solid and comprehensive long-term plans.

Clients are of the utmost importance to Louis and his team, all of whom are dedicated to developing lasting relationships. This is why they spend so much time getting to know and understand the clients’ needs before any recommendations are made. They strive to provide clear, easy to understand explanations of suggested financial strategies and services for a more secure financial future, so that their clients are comfortable and in agreement before implementation steps are taken.

In his free time, you can find Louis spending quality time with his family and friends, following New York’s professional sports teams, reading historical novels, and traveling.

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