Louis Terrero

New Century Planning
Freehold, NJ

LOUIS R. TERRERO, CPA, Registered Investment Advisor, has been in the financial services industry since 1978, starting his career as an auditor for one of the “Big 8” CPA firms. He has experience in many areas ranging from compliance and auditing to annuities and investments, and most recently has obtained the Certification in Long-Term Care credential. This extensive knowledge has led Louis to teach accounting, economics and taxation courses as an adjunct professor at various colleges and universities in the New York City metropolitan area since 1991. Louis’s diverse background and passion for educating others help him serve his clients in ways that he takes much pride in.

Clients are of the utmost importance to Louis and his team, all of whom are dedicated to developing lasting relationships. This is why they spend so much time getting to know and understand the clients’ needs before any recommendations are made. They strive to provide clear, easy to understand explanations of suggested financial strategies and services for a more secure financial future, so that their clients are comfortable and in agreement before implementation steps are taken.

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  • CARES Act Signed into Law –Brings Relief to Millions of Americans

    On March 27 the President signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) to address the unprecedented public health and economic crisis related to COVID-19. This $2 trillion bill is meant to impact both individuals and businesses and contains significant tax-savings measures. It could affect prior tax years while also […]

  • Tax News: IRS Announces Extended Deadline for 2019 Tax Returns

    Americans Can Defer for 90 Days As we continue to face uncertain times, the IRS has made a welcome announcement. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has announced that the IRS has decided to extend the filing and payment deadline for 2019 tax returns, allowing taxpayers to defer until July 15. Mnuchin indicated this move will put $300 billion […]

  • How to Remain Hopeful and Keep Perspective During the Covid-19 Outbreak

    We are facing something we have never faced before in our lifetimes. That is a fact and, in time, when the news of the pandemic spreading and the recommendations on social distancing getting broader by the day, it can be hard to feel certain or safe about anything. Although Peak Financial clients have benefitted tremendously […]

  • Coronavirus: What the Viral Epidemic Means for Investors

    Volatile Markets and the Ongoing Spread of the Virus are Causing Economic Uncertainty

    Last week saw the worst week on Wall Street since 2008, as the Dow fell into correction likely due to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19, commonly called novel coronavirus. A market correction is a nerve-wracking event for investors, but the current uneasiness in the markets is no cause for panic.

    Market Impact

    While the spread of COVID-19 is atypical, a market correction is not. In fact, it’s an entirely normal process, and not altogether unexpected after experiencing the longest-running bull market on record. There have been 22 market corrections since 1974, and they are aptly named because the market usually “corrects” itself and returns prices to their longer-term trends. While the coronavirus is likely to cause economic impact into at least the second quarter of 2020, historically, Wall Street’s reaction to these types of epidemics has been short-lived, including in the recent past.

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    When you spend most of your year toiling away at work, it’s natural to want to make the most of your vacation time. For many Americans, this means dreaming of the opportunity to own a vacation home where they can relax and recharge, while possibly earning rental income, too.

    Before you pull the trigger on your own vacation home, however, you may want to think twice. While it certainly offers the opportunity for enjoyment and making meaningful memories, vacation homes also come with a few drawbacks.

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  • Four Strategies for Overcoming Boredom in Retirement

    So, you’ve made it to retirement – congratulations! Your many years of hard work, smart financial choices and proper life planning have paid off and you’re now enjoying the best years of your life. Or, are you? Like many big life changes, retirement can bring with it some surprises. One that catches many retirees off-guard […]

  • How to Prevent Entitlement in America’s Children When a Trillion-Dollar Wealth Transfer is Underway

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  • When You Have Enough Saved but Still Worry About Money

    In the financial advising business, it’s fairly common to hear from clients who are concerned they haven’t saved enough for retirement. What’s surprising about this, though, is that many of these clients are actually in an enviable financial position. They have worked hard to save more than they are likely to need, and yet they […]

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