Mike Kojonen

Principal Preservation Services
Woodbury, MN | NEW Hudson, WI

Mike Kojonen is the founder/owner of Principal Preservation Services LLC, with offices in Woodbury, MN and Hudson, WI. He has been in the financial services industry since 2002 helping clients in budgeting and finance, but now solely focuses on helping pre-retirees/retirees with necessary retirement planning.

Mike’s mission is for his clients to be able to achieve their goals by having a solvent retirement plan and to live retirement the way they dreamed of. Mike is able to do this by implementing strategies that are simple to understand, but hardly talked about or utilized in the industry. However, the relationship Mike holds with his clients isn’t just about the strategies or the plan he implements with them, he has a true desire to earn the trust of all his clients. Building a foundation based on integrity, honesty and consistency is extremely important to Mike. This helps ensure an open communication environment for his clients so that they are educated and understand what their retirement will really look like.

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latest articles

  • Ep 36: 5 Life Events That Spark Major Financial Changes

    Sometimes events happen in life that make it really important for you to carefully assess your financial situation. Let’s explain why these five major events are usually a good reason for a financial review.

  • Ep 35: Best Intentions Sometimes End in Bad Advice

    We turn to many different people and resources to get financial advice, but how much can you depend on the information you’re getting? Today we’ll talk about four common people we go to that might have the best intentions but why their advice isn’t always beneficial to you.

  • Ep 34: Retirement Account Changes for 2020

    The government implemented multiple measures to assist Americans during this health crisis, and there are number of changes that investors and retirees need to know about. Mike is going to run through the key provisions so that you will have a better idea of how your retirement plan will be impacted.

  • Ep 33: Are You in a Bad Investment?

    Okay, so there might not be such a thing as a ‘bad financial product’, but there are certainly inappropriate investments out there for people in certain situations. We’ll explore some examples of those kinds of situations on this episode and you might be surprised just how common it is for people to be invested in products that are ill-suited for their financial goals.

  • Ep 32: Coronavirus Market Update & Where to Go From Here

    Now that we’ve had a little time to process what we’ve been seeing in the stock market, let’s get an update from Mike on where we stand, how clients are handling everything, and what the next steps need to be for your finances.

  • Ep 31: Where You Should Focus During Each Stage of Retirement

    Planning for retirement consists of many different steps, and a comprehensive plan will cover dozens of different areas of your finance over time. But that doesn’t mean you have to focus on everything at once. It’s time to really start honing in on your retirement when you reach your 50s and making sure everything is taken care of. On this episode, we’ll talk about what’s most important at each stage to help you prioritize.

  • Ep 30: 5 Financial Truths You Can Rely On

    As we’ve seen over the last month, a market downturn can happen quickly and it causes many people to evaluate their financial situation. As you’re doing that, pay attention to the lessons that can be learned in times like these. On this episode, we’ll talk about five financial truths that are even more evident now than they were to start the year.

  • Ep 29: Setting Financial & Retirement Goals

    We talk all the time about how people need to give their dollars purpose or set goals for their retirement and even specifically for certain investments. But let’s dive deeper into what different goals look like for various folks approaching retirement. How do you determine if a goal is realistic or out of reach? We’ll tackle that conversation with plenty of examples on this episode.

  • Ep 28: Understanding Roth Conversions as a Planning Strategy

    With taxes at historically low levels, many people have turned to Roth conversions as a planning strategy. Is this a smart option for you? What all should you consider when it comes to conversions? Let’s breakdown the pros and cons and explain how the process would work for you.

  • Ep 27: Coronavirus Update + Getting Lost in Retirement

    With so much uncertainty in the market right now, we want to get Mike’s opinion on what we’re seeing with the coronavirus and the impact it’s having financially. We’ll then spend the rest of the show discussing ways in which you get lost in retirement. It doesn’t take much to get off track but there are always ways to regain your retirement compass.