Mike Kojonen

Principal Preservation Services
Woodbury, MN | NEW Hudson, WI

Mike Kojonen is the founder/owner of Principal Preservation Services LLC, with offices in Woodbury, MN and Hudson, WI. He has been in the financial services industry since 2002 helping clients in budgeting and finance, but now solely focuses on helping pre-retirees/retirees with necessary retirement planning.

Mike’s mission is for his clients to be able to achieve their goals by having a solvent retirement plan and to live retirement the way they dreamed of. Mike is able to do this by implementing strategies that are simple to understand, but hardly talked about or utilized in the industry. However, the relationship Mike holds with his clients isn’t just about the strategies or the plan he implements with them, he has a true desire to earn the trust of all his clients. Building a foundation based on integrity, honesty and consistency is extremely important to Mike. This helps ensure an open communication environment for his clients so that they are educated and understand what their retirement will really look like.

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latest articles

  • Ep 29: Setting Financial & Retirement Goals

    We talk all the time about how people need to give their dollars purpose or set goals for their retirement and even specifically for certain investments. But let’s dive deeper into what different goals look like for various folks approaching retirement. How do you determine if a goal is realistic or out of reach? We’ll tackle that conversation with plenty of examples on this episode.

  • Ep 28: Understanding Roth Conversions as a Planning Strategy

    With taxes at historically low levels, many people have turned to Roth conversions as a planning strategy. Is this a smart option for you? What all should you consider when it comes to conversions? Let’s breakdown the pros and cons and explain how the process would work for you.

  • Ep 27: Coronavirus Update + Getting Lost in Retirement

    With so much uncertainty in the market right now, we want to get Mike’s opinion on what we’re seeing with the coronavirus and the impact it’s having financially. We’ll then spend the rest of the show discussing ways in which you get lost in retirement. It doesn’t take much to get off track but there are always ways to regain your retirement compass.

  • Ep 26: What’s Your Level of Desire to Retire?

    When you think about retirement, are you someone that pictures yourself working for as long as you can or do you want to hang it up as soon as financially possible? Everyone has a different level of desire when it comes to retiring and we’ll span the full spectrum on this episode.

  • Ep 25: What Does the SECURE Act Mean For Your Retirement?

    The SECURE Act took effect at the beginning of 2020 and it brought significant changes to retirement accounts. Let’s break down the new legislation and explain what it means to your plan.

  • Ep 24: 5 Retirement Lessons You Can Gather From Farming

    We spend a lot of time we researching and gathering information but some of the best guidance for retirement planning can be found right in front of us. We’ll show you that’s the case by taking farming and extracting five lessons that you can apply to your planning strategy.

  • Ep 23: Lies Learned in Broker School

    A lot of financial professionals will tell you things that just aren’t true. That doesn’t mean they do it intentionally. Many times these professionals have been given talking points, which they might even feel to be true themselves. We want to talk about the statements you should be cautious of if you hear them from an advisor.

  • Ep 22: Is Having ‘Cash’ Good or Bad

    Of course we all want to have a healthy bank account and feel the security of knowing we have money at our disposal. Having plenty of cash on hand can help in the event of an emergency but building up your account too much can actually be a detriment to your retirement. Let’s talk about the situations where cash can be a benefit and the times when it can hurt you.

  • Ep 21: Be Aware of Bias in Financial Media

    We live in an era where everyone has a platform and it’s more profitable to be entertaining than to be informative. That’s led to bias in media and finance is no exception. Let’s take a look at the most common places you’ll find bias and how to make sure you’re getting information that’s accurate for your retirement plan.

  • Winter 2020 Newsletter – Vantage Point

    2020 is here! It’s hard to believe that 2019 has already come and gone. Winter, along with the beginning of a new year, reminds us of the many things we have to be grateful for like family, friends and new beginnings. That’s why our first newsletter of the year is focused on family. From long-term [...]