The Book

the truth about risk, the stock market, fees, and annuities.

If you are like most people, finances are a foreign language, and you may not like dealing with your money. One reason is that you have received so much conflicting information from so many sources, it can’t help but be confusing. 

Do you remember Cliff Notes? Didn’t you just love them? Up front, right now, we are going to give you all the answers buried in this book, “Cliff Note”-style. We’re going to tell you all the secrets up front, and you don’t even have to read the whole book.

You’ve never been told or learned most of the information we are going to give you right now. But this information is vitally important to your long-term financial security. We respect your time, so after reading this section, if you are not convinced to read the rest of the book, don’t waste your time, just give it to someone else who is retired or nearing retirement.

Momma’s Secret Recipe For Retirement Success has seven steps:

  • Avoid large losses – use the “5% to 10% Rule.”

  • Minimize fees.

  • Significantly reduce volatility.

  • Earn a reasonable rate of return.

  • Manage taxation.

  • Generate “certain income” from your assets that is guaranteed to last for as long as you live, not “maybe income” that could end at any time.

  • Have a written retirement income plan.

Momma’s Secret Recipe will change the way you view your money forever. Written by our team of twenty-one financial professionals, Momma's Secret Recipe reveals the keys to creating a successful retirement plan on your terms.